At any stage in your journey to a private or hybrid cloud, and whether you set out to improve ongoing operations or to take advantage of advanced features and cost benefits, DetaCloud services are designed to accelerate your deployment and to bring your team up to speed with the latest in cloud innovations.

Our core focus is to help you detach from vendors, software or hardware platforms lockdown, and to deliver leading enterprise class cloud solutions to meet your applications needs.

While our experience is rooted in commercial virtualization and cloud platforms such as VMware®, Amazon AWS® and Windows Azure®, the open-source OpenStack has emerged at the forefront of cloud technologies, delivering solid performance and unparalleled scalability to service the most mission critical applications.

Our service offerings are designed to meet our customers' needs:

  • DetaCloud Jumpstart builds your pilot OpenStack private cloud on your hardware with an onsite engineer in 5 days.
  • DetaCloud Deployment allows you to stand up production-grade OpenStack private cloud in weeks rather than several months using our field validated deployment configurations.
  • DetaCloud Training empower your team with classroom or onsite hands-on training, and keep them up to date with online videos.
  • Teleport online instructor-led interactive training, delivered via the Web and accessible from most connected devices. 20% Lecture, 80% Hands-on designed for technologists looking to quickly add OpenStack to their professional portfolio


With over a decade building some of the world's largest cloud infrastructures, our customers benefit from the robust and scalable cloud rollouts and training services we deliver.