Your cloud on your hardware in one week, with an on-site engineer to get it done

A DetaCloud engineer will help you deploy a reference private cloud, on-site, based on OpenStack, the open-source technology that powers many of the world's largest public clouds.
With our extensive experience deploying private cloud solutions; we can help you make the core design decisions needed to ensure your pilot cloud will grow right from the start.
Our Jumpstart offering is right for you if your immediate priority is to get a pilot cloud up and running fast. We help you take key choices around network, storage, compute and compatibility, we help you deploy the needed components, and we demonstrate tools that allow you to manage your new infrastructure; you will have a functional private cloud in one week.

Jumpstart delivers a pilot environment to help you quickly ramp up on OpenStack. We also offer production deployment services if you need more involved cloud integration and ongoing access to DetaCloud expertise.

DetaCloud Private Cloud Jumpstart consists of five days of on-site professional services, delivered by an experienced Services Engineer.

Our Jumpstart offering includes:

  • Planning core architecture based on your specific needs and the most current components that provide those services
  • A pilot OpenStack Private Cloud deployment based on current release on up to ten x86 servers on your existing Infrastructure
  • Integrate network and physical storage infrastructure to support the OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure
  • Hands-on knowledge transfer on key tools and processes to support your implementation for up to 3 team members
  • Introduce your team to management, service orchestration and deployment tools
  • Update your team on capacity planning requirements for cloud deployments
  • Develop and integrate baseline security policies
  • Configure automated deployment tools


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