Put your Private Cloud project on the Fast-track

The future of computing is here: OpenStack makes it possible to deploy your own vendor-neutral private-cloud platform on industry standard hardware, today.
DetaCloud deep expertise and field-tested deployment methodology allow you to power through your implementation and provide you with the know-how to confidently operate OpenStack in production.
Our deployment services are collaborative, responsive and designed to fit your specific needs and to keep you in control of your technology roadmap. Our consultants will help you build your Private Cloud at your own location. They will work with your technical and operations team to:

  • Stand up your production-class OpenStack environment using our validated deployment configuration while considerably lowering your cost, risks and time to value.
  • Integrate up-to-date OpenStack features and demonstrate how to consistently keep your platform current with most distributions.
  • Incorporate considerations for your existing operations, monitoring, billing, and configuration management frameworks.
  • Benchmark test your new infrastructure to ensure robust and production ready environment
  • Structured onsite training is also available to reinforce your learning and to ensure long term success


DetaCloud proven deployment methodology delivers a reliable private-cloud environment ready to meet your business needs, quickly and cost-effectively.

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