99 Pages to OpenStack eBook brings a deep understanding of this leading Private Cloud platform core modules. It walks you through why each module is used, what it does and step-by-step how to implement it.

Step through the book to build your first development Cloud environment, ready to run instances and host services.

The eBook will be available on Kindle and iBooks soon. All  requests made in advance will receive a FREE pdf copy by email on the date of public release. Request yours today:

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99 Pages to Linux


99 Pages to Linux is a free e-book that takes you from an absolute beginner to advanced Linux user in an easy to follow approach making it easy to understand and implement.

99 Pages to Linux is ideal for anyone looking to understand and use Linux, the operating system running most of todays online services. The e-book is a collection from various online and offline sources. It is assembled from publicly available contents as a free service to the community, and organized in a way that simplifies progressive understanding of Linux fundamentals while keeping it structured for use as a quick reference for your toolset.

Download 99 Pages to Linux eBook here (pdf)