This is no ordinary training, or a death by slide deck kind of a day. On the contrary, it is:

  • The choice for seasoned technologists who prefer to learn by doing and are looking to quickly add OpenStack to their professional portfolio
  • A shortcut that allows attendees to roll up their sleeves and achieve a thorough understanding of a complex cloud infrastructure by actually building one
  • An instructor-led walkthrough that builds on attendees knowledge in systems, networks, storage and virtualization technologies to provide a deep and practical understanding of cloud architecture and deployment options [WATCH VIDEO SAMPLE]
  • The coolest way to virtually teleport to our data center while you experience the power of technology from the comfort of your own screen
  • Available anywhere with an Internet connection, currently offered in Americas (Pacific) and Asia (India) Time Zones

On the leading-edge of experiential training, DetaCloud Teleport™ offers an advanced solution at an incredible value. Our instructor-led interactive training is delivered via the Web and accessible from most connected devices. Attendees utilize our online lab to perform a step-by-step multi-node OpenStack Cloud deployment from scratch, no scripted installation or automation tools are used.


The day begins with a level-setting Linux primer; next, we bring students up to speed on OpenStack fundamental architecture and building blocks, and then walk them through understanding OpenStack components and how they work together:

8:00 – 9:30 AM: OpenStack Overview (Lecture)

  • Linux distributions and command line refresher
  • A Keystone to Identity and Service Catalog management
  • Nova compute, its operating principles and hypervisor selection
  • Image Service (Glance) and best practices to provision and run virtual machines on OpenStack
  • Networking (Neutron), covers OVS, traffic flow, IP addressing and network configuration options
  • Block Storage (Cinder)
  • Dashboard (Horizon)

From that point, we provide each of the attendees with their individual multi-node remote lab environment and work through understanding and hands-on installation, configuration and operation of each of the OpenStack core modules.

10:00 – 11:30 AM: Supporting Services, Identity and Image (Hands-on) [WATCH VIDEO SAMPLE]

  • Linux networking and host virtualization support validation
  • Installation of required packages, updates and services
  • MySQL database and RabbitMQ scheduler
  • Identity Service: Users, Roles, Tenants, End Points and Service Catalog creation
  • Create databases and integrate with Keystone and role assignment
  • Install image service and configure glance-api and glance-registry services
  • Load and register virtual machine images
  • Credentials and persistent environment variables

12:30 – 2:00 PM: Networking, Compute and Block Storage Services (Hands-on)

  • Install openvswitch, quantum-server, quantum-plugin-openvswitch
  • Install quantum plugin-openvswitch, dhcp and l3 agents
  • Configure OVS plugin and create network bridges, routers and ports
  • Create Network, Subnets, Security Groups and Floating IP addresses
  • Install Nova services (api, scheduler, conductor, compute, cert, consoleauth, genisoimage)
  • Configure Compute users, roles and integration with other services
  • Use flavors, images and network services to boot and test VM instances
  • Use Keypairs, manage and destroy instances
  • Install block storage (Cinder) services (api, scheduler, volume)
  • Configure LVM and Cinder to integrate with Nova and other services

2:30 – 4:00 PM: Dashboard and Multi-Node Configuration (Hands-on)

  • Install dependencies, memcached and novnc
  • Install and configure the dashboard and proxy services
  • Deploy additional compute node(s)
  • Compute node network configuration
  • Install and configure Nova compute
  • Install and configure Networking services and OVS
  • Manage VM instances and compute resources

4:00 – 5:00 PM: Q/A, Open Lab and Wrap-up


This intensive 20% Lecture, 80% Hands-on approach is designed to maximize attendees' concentration and knowledge retention while providing them with the know-how and tools to further explore beyond the scope of this class.


  • Some experience with Linux OS
  • Understanding of virtualization, hypervisors, networks and storage
  • Most multimedia capable connected devices can be used to follow lecture
  • A computer with a modern operating system & Internet browser and an ssh client is required for the hands-on labs
  • Reliable high-speed Internet access


Additional Information

  • Boot camp is offered in US English and in compliance with US Export Laws. Localized classes are coming soon
  • Class time guidelines are dynamically adjusted to match attendees cadence and skills
  • Cancellation/rescheduling policy: Registration will be refunded in full if canceled at least 10 days prior to the beginning of the class. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes offering you a full refund or free rescheduling.




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